Rain, rain, go away

While we hope it won’t RAIN ON OUR PARADE on Saturday, we would be remiss not to mention the Festival’s rain plan, in case we do end up SINGING IN THE RAIN:

* 5K RACE is rain or shine
* PARADE is rain or shine
* DOWNHILL DERBY is cancelled if the road is wet enough to make steering/braking unsafe
— Occasional showers — we will continue with our normal schedule as much as possible, shutting down only what/when we have to
— Complete washout — if by Thursday, May 26, it looks like there will be rain all day on Saturday, we will plan to relocate as much of the music, crafts and food as possible to the gym, cafeteria, hallway and parking lots of Round Hill Elementary School; alcohol sales will not be allowed

In the event of rain cancellations or schedule changes, updates will be posted on the Festival’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/rhhometownfestival